Royal Gardens of France

La Chatonniere

Eau de Parfum, 100 ml

     Gardens of La ChatonniereCastle are 12 multi-level terraces, which are conveniently located in the Loire Valley. Here you can feel the whole palette of contemporary landscape design, enjoy the panoramic views of the Indre river and Chinon forest, and the most important thing is to see with your own eyes luxurious ball of spring daffodils and autumn riot of colors. The French call this place an example of traditionally female view on the design of nature, because the design of La Chatonniere gardens made the famous architect Beatrice de Andia.

     The noble and wonderful fragrance absorbed all the femininity and spirituality of modern goddess. 12 notes of the perfume beat in unison with the names of garden. Abundance, fragrance and mind felt in the notes of amber, rose and nagarmotha. Joy, feelings and quietof gardens reveal with drops of rose, sandalwood and iris. The greatness of French gardens, botanical sciences and dances perfumers embodied in the charming combination of patchouli, vanilla and saffron.




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Potager Du Roi





Palais Royal