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Extrait de Parfum, 100 ml

     Amboise is not only the first architectural monument, which was built during the Renaissance, but it is also a symbol of the Valois dynasty, and a favorite place of Leonardo da Vinci. Huge building is towering above the river Loire and is the first place in France, where so-called regular garden was there. It is the source of enchanting aroma, enveloping Amboise, and they clearly are transmitted through drops of eponymous perfume.

     Intense aroma reveals with extravaganza of citrus, rose and incense. Then this unique trio is transformed into a more powerful chord with a pomegranate and cedar. Bottom note picks the trail thanks to the bright shades of leather, amber and musk.

     Elegant perfume union is created for the aristocracy, self-status Men as you are!




Vaux Le Vicomte



azay le rideau